May 19, 2012

Educators Describe Renewal of Latin Instruction in City Schools


Educators describe renewal of Latin instruction in city schools
by Rose D'souza
May 7, 2012

City students at selective public and elite private schools have long had the option to study Latin. Now several schools with less affluent students are breathing new life into the long-dead language by requiring all students to study it.

At a panel discussion on Friday organized by the New York Classical Club, educators from across the city spoke optimistically about the revival of Latin at their public schools.

Educators on the panel said one attraction of Latin instruction is the idea that it could help fuel academic achievement in other subjects.

“I chose it because of the timelessness of it. When in doubt, go to Latin. You can’t go wrong with it,” said Lester Long, executive director of the South Bronx Classical Charter School, where students start taking Latin in third grade. “We want students to use Latin to understand what they read in English. That’s our big driver.”

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