May 6, 2012

Summer Course at Boston University: Roman History in Latin Literature


Boston University will be offering a graduate summer reading course in Second Summer Session (July 5-Aug. 10). The course is especially intended for high school teachers and MAT candidates and will be taught by Prof. Patricia Larash of Boston University.

CL 520: Topic for Summer 2012: Roman history in Latin literature, focusing on the early history of Rome as represented in Livy and Vergil, and on Augustan Rome as represented in the above authors as well as in other writers determined in consultation with enrolled students. Although the primary focus of the course is on reading Latin, we will pay attention to the historical, cultural, literary, and topographical context of the works read; we will also look at scholarly and pedagogical issues surrounding these texts. CL 520 is intended for high school teachers, aspiring high school teachers, and graduate students. Prerequisite: CL 351 (at least one upper division/ 5th semester Latin course)
For information concerning registration for BU Summer Term, please go to: Look for this course under Classical Studies.

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