September 11, 2011

PocketCultures: Explore Life in Other Countries


PocketCultures is an independent site which aims to increase connections, awareness and understanding between different cultures. The site consists of 3 different sections:

Blogs of the World
Here we feature high quality, well written blogs from different countries. They may be written by locals or expats, but all are accounts from people living in a particular country. So instead of reading a third party view, you can read it from people who experience the country first hand.

Topics of the World
Here we publish articles and links about specific aspects of world cultures. Cultures is a vague word, so we decided to break it down into topics such as food, science, music, language… – anything relating to the culture of a particular country.

People of the World
Real life stories and interviews from all kinds of people around the world, especially those living across cultures: cross-cultural relationships, multicultural families, living abroad, global perspectives.

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