September 11, 2011

Book: Language Center Design


Language Center Design, 2011 Edition
Edited by Felix A. Kronenberg and Ute S. Lahaie
Published by the International Association for Language Learning Technology

Description: The authors of this publication showcase different scenarios of language center design and redesign. The first chapter is an overview of the center planning process. It is preceded by a useful check list. Chapter 2 explores the general theme of this volume: a shift from the more traditional language lab into a more open and less confined language center. The third chapter includes a discussion of K-12 language centers as well as the advantages of purchasing a “turn-key” system. Chapters 4 and 5 contain two case studies describing the transformation of a traditional language lab into a language center. The sixth chapter then takes on the challenges of designing and building a language center during times of rapidly changing technologies and finding a balance for virtual and physical spaces. The editor shares his own experiences after designing two new language centers at two different small liberal arts colleges in chapter 7. The final chapter deals with special spaces in language centers.

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