May 1, 2013

Take a Virtual Trip: Scholastic's Global Trek


Scholastic's Global Trek is a way for students to travel to countries around the world without ever having to leave their classroom.

When students arrive in the country of their choice they are supplied with a suggested travel itinerary. This itinerary offers them links to background information and a chance to read about the country's people. Students also have a chance to meet the people of the country they visit through Scholastic's Classport. Classport is an online community of learners that provides tools such as instant translation, so you can communicate easily even if you don't speak the same language.

Some countries have special itineraries where students can join the journey of Tim Kent, a sailor who is racing around the world alone in his sailboat. Students can also "tour" through other relevant activities including Scholastic Explorers, Scholastic News, and other activities.

As students travel through the countries they keep a journal of their thoughts and experiences. These journals can be graded and displayed.

This project is suitable for students from grades 4–8. See Lesson Planning Suggestions for a prescribed plan on using Global Trek with your students.

The main webpage for this project is available at

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