May 19, 2013

New Non-Profit DLI Foundation To Push Language Education


DLI Foundation launches plan to foster multi-lingual learning, keeping DLI at arm’s length
By Sara Rubin
May 9, 2013

In 1995, California Gov. Pete Wilson made Monterey Bay’s claim as the “language capital of the world” official.

“We’re the center of the language universe,” says … David Armanasco, president of Armanasco Public Relations. Armanasco is now vice chair of a new nonprofit pushing language education, the Defense Language Institute Foundation.

“The main purpose is to promote foreign language learning in K-12,” Armanasco says. “We think the U.S. needs to devote more resources to offering language training to kids.”

The organization officially formed in 2011, but it’s just recently becoming active. The board has met twice, rented a Monterey office, and on April 25, appointed retired DLI Commandant Donald Fischer as president.

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