May 11, 2013

Native Languages Resource Directory


Indigenous Language Institute’s Native Languages Resource Directory is a list of Language Programs, Organizations, and Funding Sources that promote revitalization, stabilization and documentation of indigenous languages. This online Directory is an updated version of the hardcopy that was first published in 1998, and since that time, the number of programs and organizations that work towards language revitalization have increased manifold. The data in the new Directory includes updates to existing programs as well as entries of newly established ones.

The purpose of the Directory is to make it easier for users to contact each other, to find resources relevant to users, and to facilitate networking among language workers. Each entry will have annotations describing the type of program and projects. There are multiple ways to find information using the Search function.

ILI’s Language Resource Directory is a “work in progress” because:
 ILI invites all language programs, organizations and funders from all continents to include their information in the Directory;
 The Directory enables those who are listed to update information about their organizations and programs; and
 ILI continues to gather and enter data on new programs, organizations and funding sources to include in the Directory.

The Directory is linked to the Endangered Languages Project (ELP), which is a worldwide online resource for language revitalization and documentation. This worldwide resource language samples, and it is a site where you can share your language information.

Access the directory at
Read a recent article about enhancements to the directory at

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