May 19, 2013

Fall Workshop - Strategies to Increase Proficiency of Arabic Language Learners


Fall Workshop - “Strategies to Increase Proficiency of Arabic Language Learners.”
ورشة عمل الخريف: "استراتيجيات لرفع الكفاءة اللغوية لدى متعلمي العربية"
October 10 – 13, 2013

Participants will learn how to set realistic performance targets for Arabic language students based on the ACTFL Performance and Proficiency Guidelines. Participants will then select and incorporate activities designed to build proficiency into the sample lessons. Finally, participants will identify how students can assess their own growth in communicating in Arabic using the CLVisa, Concordia Language Villages’ self-assessment tool for villagers.

Registration for the Qatar Professional Development Workshops is based on a first-come, first-served basis.

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