May 19, 2013

Hawaiian Immersion Lottery at Pāʻia School Postponed


Hawaiian Immersion Lottery at Pāʻia School Postponed
by Wendy Osher
May 6th, 2013

A controversial lottery for placement in Pāʻia Elementary School’s Hawaiian Immersion kindergarten program has been postponed.

“The selection process for Papa Mālaaʻo scheduled for Monday, May 6th has been postponed to allow the district office and OHA to continue their efforts which hopefully result in a viable alternative to this process,” school Principal, Susan Alivado stated in an email to Nā Leo Kākoʻo O Maui, the nonprofit group that organized a demonstration opposed to the planned lottery.

Keiki were among those holding signs at a demonstration this morning that was organized in protest of the planned lottery for placement in the Hawaiian language immersion kindergarten at Pāʻia Elementary School on Maui. Photo by Wendy Osher.

Those opposed to the lottery say the system denies children the right to Hawaiian language immersion education and restricts the growth of language revitalization.

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