November 17, 2012

The Korean Wave: New Teaching Materials from CALPER


The CALPER Korean Project, headed by Project Director Susan Strauss (Penn State), has published two new units in the series "Korean Discourse and Genre.”

While the first four units focused on major Korean Holidays 설, 보름, 단오, and 추석, the new materials have "The Korean Wave" as their theme.

The Korean Wave began in the late 90s and has now reached tidal wave proportions. Followers around the world, from East Asia to the Middle East, Australia, and both Americas, immerse themselves in Korean TV dramas, films, Korean foods, music, dance, and video games. Interest in Korean language and culture is clearly on the rise.

The Korean Wave provides a robust source of language, genre, and culture for an exciting fusion with the new National Standards approach to Korean language teaching.

Available are: "Korean Dramas", and "Korean Dramas: Winter Sonata"

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