November 25, 2012

Iu-Mienh – English Dictionary


The Center for Lao Studies (San Francisco, CA) and Silkworm Books (Chiangmai) jointly announce the publication of an Iu-Mienh – English Dictionary With Cultural Notes

An Iu-Mienh – English Dictionary With Cultural Notes is the most extensive collection of Iu Mien vocabulary currently available. It is based on the general dialect spoken in Laos and Thailand, and it is written using the common Romanized script adopted by the Iu Mien community in North America in 1984. This dictionary is a product of more than 20 years work by a team having many years of experience in linguistics and Iu Mien language and culture. It is supported by a 1.3 million word corpus of the language from a variety of sources ranging from formal prose to internet postings and blogs.

Visit the publisher’s website at

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