November 17, 2012

Job: Supervisory Language Training Specialist, US Department of State


This Language Training Supervisor position is located in the Division of East Asian and Pacific Languages (EAP), School of Language Studies, Foreign Service Institute (FSI/SLS) in Arlington, Virginia.

Duties: Manages and directs the long term Southeast Asian language training program which varies widely in numbers of Language and Culture Instructors (LCI's) and students supervised, frequency of course presentations and lengths of courses. Recruits, trains and develops Language and Culture Instructors to teach language and culture of the Southeast Asian languages. Exercises professional linguistic skills to develop and monitor language training program(s) to bring students to high levels of language proficiency. May manage groups of instructors and students whose political, cultural and religious differences make coordination and counseling efforts difficult and challenging. Designs new courses and/or makes extensive revisions in existing training courses. Becomes certified to administer and score official proficiency tests.

Applications close November 27, 2012.

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  1. What is the procedure to become certified Hindi Language Tester for DLI OR FSI?


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