November 17, 2012

Call for Grant Proposals: Foundation for Endangered Languages


The Foundation for Endangered Languages is now accepting proposals for projects of work that will support, enable or assist the use of one or more endangered languages. These endangered languages may be anywhere in the world.

The Foundation is committed to raising awareness of endangered languages and supporting revitalization and preservation of endangered languages through all channels and media. The Foundation awards grants to projects that further its aims as and when its funds permit. The Foundation's funds remain limited this year and only an exceptional award will be greater than US $1,000. Smaller proposals will have a better chance of receiving funding.

Priority will be given to projects that focus on the revitalization of endangered languages and support the use of endangered languages in various spheres of community life (home, education, cultural and social life). Any language documentation proposals must have a clear and immediate relevance to prospects for language revitalization.

Proposals are due in late December; for full details go to

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