October 21, 2012

Job: Chinese Flagship Coordinator, Center for Applied Second Language Studies

From http://jobs.uoregon.edu/unclassified.php?id=4075

The Center for Applied Second Language Studies is seeking a permanent Chinese Flagship Coordinator.

Essential Functions:

Grant Administration and Coordination (15%)
- Coordinate university and K–12 partner (Portland Public Schools subcontract) communication and reporting requirements
- Track program and student data information for internal and external reporting purposes
- Manage expenditures to comply with prepared and approved budgets and sustainable practices for using those funds effectively
- Prepare reports for internal and external audiences, including quarterly grant reports
- Maintain information systems for various reporting audiences
- Assist CASLS staff in budget development and allocation of Flagship personnel and financial resources

Academic Support (15%)
- Provide logistical support to academic director, faculty, GTF, and departmental units in implementing Chinese Flagship curriculum
- Hire, manage, and evaluate GTF and student workers
- Coordinate annual Flagship language assessment testing and reporting
- Facilitate the student selection team
- Manage peer language partner (PLP) program in collaboration with EALL

Student Life & Recruiting Activities (50%)
- Support and develop administrative structures to facilitate a clear pathway to Superior proficiency (with multiple entry points appropriate to students’ varied needs and skills)
- Develop and implement a recruitment plan with support of UO Admissions and The Language Flagship
- Develop program marketing with a communications team, including website, brochures, and promotional materials for schools, students, and families
- Support a dynamic residential immersive learning environment in the Global Scholars Residential Hall with UO Housing, the residential Flagship Assistant, and students
- Provide students with clear, transparent, and timely communications
- Coordinate program introDUCKtion and orientation, Week of Welcome, course enrollment, study year abroad, and student-run activities
- Provide objective and accurate administration of the merit-based Flagship scholarship program
- Coordinate with other academic and language programs at the UO to promote student recruitment, residential activities, and academic activities.

Study Abroad (15%)
- Coordinate study abroad application process, planning, preparation, scholarship workshops, and reporting
- Coordinate NSEP Flagship Program Study Abroad component with International Affairs, American Councils, NJU, Qingdao, and NSEP
- Manage transition of overseas programs with goal of placing primary responsibility in International Affairs
- Coordinate student internships with International Affairs, American Councils, Nanjing University, Qingdao, and National Security Education Program; track internship feedback and support internship partner development
- Provide consulting to other study abroad programs

Center Support (5%)
- Assist CASLS with general duties relating to research and development in language teaching and learning

Minimum Qualifications
- Master’s degree in field related to international education
- Experience working with U.S. university faculty and administration across disciplines
- Experience working with undergraduate students in international fields
- Experience coordinating U.S. study abroad programs
- Experience managing U.S. higher education programs

Preferred Qualifications
- Experience working with K-12 education system
- Experience working in Chinese cultural context
- Chinese language ability

To be assured of consideration, application materials must be received by October 30, 2012. The position will remain open until filled.

View the full job posting at http://jobs.uoregon.edu/unclassified.php?id=4075

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