October 14, 2012

Holding Conferences with Parents of English Language Learners

From http://edge.ascd.org/_Holding-Conferences-with-Parents-of-ELLs/blog/6384467/127586.html

 The increasing population of linguistically and culturally diverse students in our schools poses a challenge for classroom teachers who need to communicate with their families. Parents of English language learners may not be familiar with the practice of meeting with their child’s teacher and do not know what is expected of them during a parent-teacher conference. Many classroom teachers do not know how to communicate with parents who do not speak English and who are not familiar with U.S. school practices.

 Conferences with parents of English language learners (ELLs) require preparation on order to have a productive meeting. Here are six ideas that will help teachers of ELLs: http://edge.ascd.org/_Holding-Conferences-with-Parents-of-ELLs/blog/6384467/127586.html

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