October 28, 2012

Electronic Dictionary of Mythical Figures

From http://mythreligion.philology.upatras.gr/pages/en/purposes.html

A dictionary of mythological figures is available at http://mythreligion.philology.upatras.gr/pages/en/dictionary.html . Each letter is a PDF file that you can download. This is a revised version the Dictionary of Classical Mythology by M. R. Wright. Here is a fuller description from the dictionary’s preface:

“In the main body of the text the majority of the alphabetical entries are of individual people, but there are also significant groups, such as Amazons and Centaurs, events like the Theban wars, places important to myth such as Eleusis, Delphi and Olympus as well as meteorological phenomena (Rainbow and Winds for example), and the explanation of such sayings as 'Cloudcuckooland' and 'Gordian Knot'. Each entry has its head-word in its most commonly recognised form, followed by the Greek term, and the Latin form where appropriate; the meaning of the name is added in English where it is of interest.”

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