October 21, 2012

Governor Parnell Appoints Alaska Native Language Council

From http://alaska-native-news.com/state_news/6943-governor-parnell-appoints-alaska-native-language-council.html

Governor Parnell Appoints Alaska Native Language Council
By Office of Governor Parnel
October 19, 2012

Governor Sean Parnell yesterday appointed Stephen Walkie Charles, Delores Churchill, April Gale Laktonen Counceller, Bernadette Yaayuk Alvanna-Stimpfle, and Annette Evans-Smith to the Alaska Native Language Preservation and Advisory Council.

The council advises both the governor and Legislature on programs, policies, and projects to provide for the preservation, restoration, and revitalization of Alaska Native languages in the state. All of the appointments to the council represent professional language experts.

Read on to learn about each of the appointees: http://alaska-native-news.com/state_news/6943-governor-parnell-appoints-alaska-native-language-council.html

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