April 8, 2013

Digital Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World

From http://www.ehw.gr/ehw/forms/Static.aspx?id=133&openP=yes

The Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World (EHW) is an original electronic project aiming at collecting, recording, documenting, presenting and promoting the historical data that testify to the presence of Hellenic culture throughout time and space. EHW includes entries that concern geographical-cultural areas lying beyond the borders of the Hellenic nation-state.

In its first stage the project’s structure is defined around the following units:
· Entries database, where the historical and cultural information is organized and presented in the form of encyclopedic entries that are accompanied by photographic documenting material.
· Audiovisual applications, where the information appearing in the entries is complemented with the visualization of historical events, processes and phenomena, three-dimensional representations, digital models of cities, music and video.
· Bibliographical database, which includes the complete bibliography of the entries and will be gradually updated, independently from the entries.
· Historical interactive atlas, where the spatial information is organized in the form of maps and is complemented with historical and audiovisual information.

Explore this resource at http://www.ehw.gr/ehw/forms/Default.aspx

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