April 13, 2013

March/April 2013 Issue of NCLRC Language Resource Newsletter

The March/April 2013 issue of the National Capital Language Resource Center’s newsletter is now available online at http://www.nclrc.org/newsletter.html

Here is NCLRC’s description of this month’s content:
Twenty-first Century Skills is a phrase mentioned in many of our articles this month. Among those skills are a variety of abilities and performances we ask ourselves and our students to use proficiently. Our authors address these skills in a variety of ways, including using podcasts and other e-resources for improving listening, writing for reading, electronically adding the arts to STEM, aligning foreign languages with the Common Core, using digital learning sites to hone skills, and using e-portfolios to keep track of it all. It all comes down to keeping ourselves and our students current with the fast-changing nature of the world, helping to prepare them to manage the future in positive ways, giving them the skills to think creatively, critically, collaboratively and innovatively while keeping up with the technology that has become a huge part of our personal and professional lives. Spring is a time of change, renewal, and rebirth; let’s use this issue as inspiration for ourselves.

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