April 21, 2013

Essay Contest for English Language Learners in New York

From http://www.nystesol.org

Call for Student Essays
In an essay, discuss how you can become an agent of change in the world. Envision the type of change that would make the world we live in a better place where tolerance, mutual understanding, and collaboration are encouraged. What are the specifics of the changes you would make and how do you wish to engage others to join you in making these changes?

Essay contest is open to any current or former English language learner in the following categories:
•Students in grades 4-8
•Students in grades 9-12
•Students in university (this includes students enrolled in intensive English programs as well as graduate students)

Essays are due by May 31, 2013. For full details go to http://www.nystesol.org/NYSTESOL-essay-contest-2013.pdf

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