April 28, 2013

Activity Idea: Talking about Movies

From http://creativelanguageclass.wordpress.com

When your students watch a movie, what else do they do? Here’s what Megan of the Creative Language Class blog says:

“[T]he movie itself isn’t the activity. I spend a week watching “In the time of the butterflies” and the class got tons of practice between little bits of movie. After the movie was finished, I wanted my students to retell Minerva’s story.

“I have found that if I give students a task I think they can handle WITHOUT modeling it for them, I end up with much too complicated language that was clearly NOT done by my students.

“So here’s how I break it down and teach some simple structure. My idea is to start simple and then build on it. I didn’t want to do their job for them so we learned how to tell a movie’s story by talking about OTHER movies.”

Read on to see how she did it: http://creativelanguageclass.wordpress.com/2013/04/24/tell-me-about-it

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