April 8, 2013

2013 – Year of Italian Culture in the United States

From http://www.italyinus2013.org/en/italy-in-us-2013.html

This year has been designated the Year of Italian Culture in the United States. From the dedicated website:

“Italian culture and identity in all the areas that have distinguished our tradition from past to present will be broadcast, displayed and explained: art, music, stage, landscaping and architectural heritage, cinema, literature, the sciences, design, fashion, food culture.

“The initiative also envisions calling on coming generations with a series of events focused on new Italian talent that, alongside the legacy of our Masters, represent the Italy of the future and its excellences.

“A spotlight will focus on our industry and quality artisanship as expression of the Italian style in business management and in products acknowledged worldwide for their innovation and prestige. The best of our corporate culture is based on a blend of best practices in business and the creative, cultural, historical and natural heritage of our country.”

Visit the website and see what events are happening near you throughout this year at http://www.italyinus2013.org/en

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