February 12, 2011

Survey: Summer Programs for Russian, Slavic, and East European Languages

From the SEELANGS listserv:

For the past several years, CCPCR, the Committee on College and Pre-College Russian, has assisted college and university students by listing summer programs to be offered stateside in Russian, other Slavic, and East European languages. We are again soliciting such information for summer 2011. You can view last summer's list of programs at the following link to the CCPCR website:


If your college or university plans to offer such coursework this summer, please share the information! To do so, just send the details to our e-mail address at ccpcr at american dot edu. The information we provide on this site can be viewed by visiting the summer program website page (select the link above). The listing includes dates, levels, contact info and link to any home page that gives further information about the summer program.

You might also be interested in the results of the nationwide census of college/university Russian, other Slavic, and East European language programs for Fall 2010. This is available on the CCPCR website at http://www1.american.edu/research/CCPCR/COLLEGEENROLL.htm. Thus far, 79 programs have contributed their data. If your program is missing, we can still enter your information!

We look forward to updating and sharing your information for 2011!

John Schillinger
Chair, CCPCR
Emeritus Prof. of Russian
American University

Schillinger, J. [SEELANGS] Stateside Summer Programs, Fall Russian, other Slavic & EE census results. SEELANGS listserv (SEELANGS@bama.ua.edu, 9 Feb 2011).

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