February 25, 2011

Article: Teaching in the Target Language

From http://nclrc.org/about_teaching/topics/feature.html#new

The February 2011 issue of the NCLRC Newsletter includes an excellent article by Helena Curtain: Teaching in the Target Language. Here’s an excerpt:

“The central task for the language teacher is to create a communicative climate focused on meaning, within which language acquisition can take place naturally. The key to creating this climate is using the target language! When learners are surrounded with their new language 90 to 95 to 100 percent of the class time, and when teachers use the language for all classroom purposes, language use has a purpose and there is motivation to learn.”

Read the full article at http://nclrc.org/about_teaching/topics/feature.html#new

Read a blog post that describes tools that can help you stay in the target language at http://www.blog.kidsimmersion.com/2011/02/increase-your-students-usage-of-target.html

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