February 12, 2011

Summer Seminars Abroad for Spanish Teachers

From http://people.cohums.ohio-state.edu/morgan3/ssast.html

The Center for Latin American Studies and the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at The Ohio State University announce this year's intensive Summer Seminars Abroad, a 16-day workshop in Spanish linguistics in Córdoba, Argentina. The purpose of the program is to provide selected students with an opportunity to analyze and practice the Spanish language in a natural linguistic and cultural context, and to receive university credit for that experience.

The program, scheduled for July 26-August 11, 2011, is intended primarily for Spanish teachers. Application is open, however, to graduate students from Spanish and other disciplines who have a demonstrated ability in the use of the Spanish language and a need for this type of course. Both native and non-native speakers of Spanish are invited to apply.

Learn more at http://people.cohums.ohio-state.edu/morgan3/ssast.html


  1. Any new trips planned for the summer of 2012?

  2. I recommend that you keep checking the Center for Latin American Studies website, http://clas.osu.edu , periodically for news of 2012 trips.

  3. If there are any new trips for 2012 to any Spanish speaking countries, I would appreciate a "heads up"! Thank you!

  4. The program changes venue every two years. It will be held in Lima, Peru in 2013 and 2014. The links above still lead to the most up-to-date information.


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