February 19, 2011

Mid-Atlantic Association for Language Learning Technology 2011 Unconference

From http://maallt2011.grouply.com

MAALLT's 2011 spring meeting is an experiment in holding an 'unconference', i.e., a participant-driven meeting. There are several different unconference formats, and we'll use several of them, making our choices based on the ideas that you--the participants submit.

The key points of an unconference can be summarized in two points:

• If the agenda is pre-set, it isn't an unconference.

Other than the opening reception and the food breaks, the only planned event is a hands-on workshop in the Spatial Analysis Lab, where participants will learn about GIS in the classroom and student research.

• You tell us what you want to say. You tell use what you want to hear. We provide the space and technology you need.

See examples of the various format options and sample topics under the Participate tab. Post your own ideas and contributions in the Forum. We'll use the Blog to report on what happens, but you can also use it to post your own thoughts and links to items for discussion.

At the reception Friday evening, March 4, a draft schedule will be available for additions and suggestions. On Sunday, we'll wrap up and plan for future MAALLT events.

Learn more about this March 4-6 event at http://maallt2011.grouply.com

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