February 18, 2011

Call for Papers: Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching

From http://linguistlist.org/issues/22/22-726.html

Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching
September 16-17, 2011
Iowa State University

The Confluence of Social Factors and Pronunciation: Accent, Identity, Irritation and Discrimination

This conference will provide a forum for discussions of how social factors influence and are influenced by pronunciation. Possible paper topics may include descriptive and experimental studies, discussions of instructional approaches that emphasize social factors, and case studies of the interaction of social and linguistic factors in the development of oral skills.

In addition to papers related to how social factors impact the learning of pronunciation, how accent affects social acceptance and the results of acceptance (or lack thereof), how irritation is related to intelligibility, and how interlocutors' reactions can be improved, this third annual conference invites proposals for papers or poster presentations on any aspect of pronunciation research, teaching and learning. Papers will be given in English, but papers addressing the teaching and learning of pronunciation for any language are encouraged.

Presenters will be invited to submit their papers for a peer-reviewed, on-line proceedings of the conference.

The deadline for submitting abstracts will be April 1, 2011 with notifications made by May 1. For further information about the conference, contact John M. Levis (jlevis at iastate dot edu) or go to http://pslltconference.com

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