November 2, 2013

Video Assistance for Understanding Language Teaching Techniques


VAULTT is a collection of original videos highlighting various aspects of language teaching in the classroom. Each short video is accompanied by supplementary information (in a PDF) explaining the techniques and relating them to best practices in language teaching. Some of these videos are real classes, and some are staged.

Although these materials are based on current research in second language acquisition, they are produced at a level accessible for teachers with little or no pedagogical training.

The VAULTT website has six main categories, each with a number of separate pages:
• Vocabulary & Grammar (8 pages/video clips)
• Corrective Feedback (8 pages/video clips)
• Four Skills (7 pages/video clips)
• Facilitating Learning (8 pages/video clips)
• Class Management (3 pages/video clips)
• For Teacher Trainers (10 pages/video clips)

VAULTT is available at
Read more about the project at

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