November 14, 2013

New Sign Language Class in Washington School


Kids learn language of hands
by Rick Steigmeyer
November 8, 2013

You might hear the drone and clank of construction outside of Mimi Roe’s classroom at Eastmont High School. But inside, there’s nary a peep, hardly a whisper from students nor teacher during class.

Roe teaches a sign language class during two periods each day. The class fulfills student requirements for a foreign language just like Spanish, French or German. This is the first time the class has been offered at Eastmont. It’s the only school in the valley offering sign language in its foreign language curriculum.

Roe said administrators and teachers have been surprised at the popularity of the class. Nearly 20 students had to be turned away after the 58 seats in her two classes quickly filled during registration. Both of her classes have one deaf student who wear cochlear ear implants that give them a sense of sound similar to hearing.

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