November 10, 2013

Social Studies Curriculum for Grades 6-12: Social Justice & Latinos in NYC


This curriculum, which is based in El Diario/La Prensa articles, was created in partnership with a graduate course on multicultural education at the City College of New York. The unit is intended for students of various ethnic and linguistic backgrounds. The unit plan is made up of nine lessons, many of which take 2-5 periods to complete. The unit begins with an introduction of Latinos in the United States and their representation across media outlets. The unit then moves into areas of social justice that include (im)migration, housing, workers rights, and ethnic parades, to name a few. The culminating activity is an electronic and multilingual newspaper that the class creates around current social justice issues.
The curriculum can be taught fully or partially. The first and last lessons are essential, but the seven lessons on different topics can be chosen based on connection to the course topic and time. Those lessons can stand alone, but also provide opportunities to build on each other. The unit plan and most accompanying documents are in English, whereas the El Diario/La Prensa articles - which serve as the foundation for each lesson - are in Spanish, with English-language summaries.

The curriculum is available at
Read an article about the development and use of this curriculum at

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