November 14, 2013

Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments Internship Program for English Language Teachers


The CaMLA internship program provides professional training and research opportunities for English language teaching professionals and graduate students. Successful applicants will work closely with CaMLA teams on English language assessment tasks and projects that are appropriate to their interests and skills.

There are two internship strands:

Assessment Internships
Interns will be involved in activities relating to the design and construction of language assessments. These can include item writing and review, quality assurance activities, and test development projects.

Research Internships
Interns will work with CaMLA researchers and will contribute to a variety of test review and research activities. They will have an opportunity to learn about research design, data collection and analysis, and the documentation of results.

Internships will take place from May through August. The length of each internship will be dependent upon its content and goals, but internships are typically 8 to 12 weeks of work. CaMLA will provide a salary of up to $1500 per month, pro-rated for the length of the internship.

The deadline for applications is January 31, 2014.

Applications are welcome from English language teaching professionals with an interest in second or foreign language assessment and graduate students who are studying linguistics, foreign language assessment, education, psychology, psychometrics, or related fields.

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