December 19, 2012

November/December 2012 Issue of the NCLRC Newsletter

The November/December 2012 issue of the National Capitol Language Resource Center Language Resource newsletter is out and available online at

In this issue:

Language or Languages at the Core?
By Tara Fortune
...What is missing from these two documents [CCSS and STEM], however, is an explicit mention of world languages and cultures education as an essential component of a well-designed, standards-based curriculum that aims to prepare a globally competitive workforce. It would seem that learning languages other than English is still viewed by some as a dispensable add-on, a useful supplement once you have accomplished the basics. How can world language educators promote a shift in focus away from “(English) Language at the Core” to “Languages at the Core?”

Mini-Immersions: Everyday happenings
By Sheila W. Cockey
How do I get my students to use more of the language in less formal situations?

Assessing Culture
By Mackenzie Price

Teaching Strategic Reading for Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) Learners
By Ruyu Li

Common Core State Standards and Heritage Language Education: How do they match?
Sara Beaudrie, Ph. D.

Linguistics at the Core
By Terrell Morgan, Ph.D.

Language Resources on iPod, iPhone and iPad
By Jamie Suria, GWU Graduate Student of Education

Students Learn to Speak by Speaking
By Marcel LaVergne, Ed.D.

Yes You Can (Teach Business Language)
By Margaret Gonglewski, Ph.D.

And more:

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