December 28, 2012

New Internationalist Easier English Wiki


Two English teachers (Linda Ruas and John Shepheard) have launched a new wiki featuring simplified versions of articles from the New Internationalist, a magazine focused on promoting global justice. Their intention is the make these articles more accessible for English language learners. As of today, the New Internationalist Easier English Wiki features modified articles from the five latest issues. These articles look critically at a wide range of issues and present perspectives that are not so common in the mainstream media. Topics covered so far include the legalization of drugs, healthcare inequality, the power of co-operatives, youth movements, and Internet rights.

Linda and John have also prepared lessons for each issue, in the form of both powerpoints and PDFs. These lessons include vocabulary activities, discussion questions, visual aids and writing prompts aimed at preparing students to read certain articles.

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The wiki itself is available at

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