December 9, 2012

Contest: Your Advent Calendar for 2012


From the Todo Alemán website:

In Germany, the Advent calendar is a typical custom of the pre-Christmas season. Starting on December 1, it sweetens the wait for Christmas with 24 little doors or packets. It is available in various formats and sizes, for children and adults, with pictures, little gifts, or chocolate.

What does an Advent calendar look like in your homeland – the USA, Canada or Mexico? Have you gotten an Advent calendar in 2012, or even made one yourself? We’d love to know what it looks like.

Send us a photo of your 2012 Advent calendar before December 24, 2012 and win an iPad or a Kindle Paperwhite. You don’t have your own Advent calendar but have seen a nice one somewhere? You can also take a photo of one in your surroundings (on buildings, in your school/college, at friends’ etc.).

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