December 14, 2012

New Issue of IALLT Journal for Language Learning Technologies

The newest Issue of the IALLT Journal for Language Learning Technologies, a peer reviewed academic journal published by the International Association for Language Learning Technology (IALLT), is now available. The IALLT Journal is online and open-access and is available to the worldwide public at

Issue 2 of Volume 42 features articles that address current issues within the field of language learning technology: interpersonal communication within a wiki environment, the use of technology to access and work with authentic materials, and an evaluation scheme for assessing the appropriateness of off-the-shelf games within a language curriculum.

In the Issue’s opening article, Mimi Li argues for the application and analysis of the “Discussion” feature of a wiki site, focusing on politeness strategies that participants use in accomplishing their collaborative task. She looks at the types of politeness strategies employed by a small group of English language learners who are originally not close friends and illustrates how their politeness levels and strategies evolve as they develop online relationships as well as how the strategies apply to specific tasks.

In the second article, Haiyong Liu, Pierluigi Erbaggio, Sangeetha Gopalakrishnan, and Sandra Hobbs argue for the importance of using authentic materials within both language and a culture-oriented classes, and for using instructional technology to take provide access and increase student engagement with these materials. They illustrate the use of technology in a French culture course, an Italian language course, and a Chinese language course and discuss how these materials help create an environment that is independent, social, and student-owned.

Turning to multimedia games, Felix Kronenberg develops nine criteria for evaluating commercial off-the-shelf games for their appropriateness and suitability for language learning. After discussing the criteria he then applies them to three specific games and illustrates how they may or may not fit in to a language curriculum

This issue concludes with a regular column by Judy Shoaf on Legal Issues & LLT. The topic is once again very timely and deals with a case currently before the Supreme Court involving the “first sale” doctrine. Since the case revolves around the country of origin of copyright protected materials, the Court’s decision may have profound consequences for accessing materials produced outside the United States.

If you are interested in submitting an article for consideration in the IALLT Journal, please send all inquiries and submissions to journaleditor at iallt dot org.

Soneson, D. Fall Issue (Vol. 42, No. 2) of IALLT Journal for Language Learning Technologies now available. CALICO-L listserv (CALICO-L@LISTSERV.CALICO.ORG, 12 Dec 2012).

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