September 22, 2012

Two Classical Writing Contests

Here are two upcoming writing contests for students of classical languages:

CANE Writing Contest

Students are invited to participate in the annual writing contest of the Classical Association of New England. The topic this year is: “Kings and Tyrants, Senators and Citizens: Political Power in Myth and History”. This contest, or written project on a classical subject, is open to all students taking Latin, Greek or Classics in New England middle and secondary schools. The project may be an essay, short story, poem, or drama.

For full details go to

SCRIBO is an international Latin composition contest, designed to:

 spur interest and excitement in using Latin for creative writing
 provide teachers with high quality materials in Latin to read in their classes
 honor and recognize top work in Latin creative writing

Students of Latin in any grade, from kindergarten through college, may participate.

The deadline for school registration is December 1, 2012.

For full details go to

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