September 22, 2012

New Falko German Learner Corpus Release


The error-annotated German learner corpus Falko has released a new subcorpus: FalkoEssayL2WHIGv2.0 including 195 argumentative essays by advanced learners of German (117,189 tokens).

For each text two full-text target hypotheses (a minimal morphosyntactic normalization and an extended semantic-pragmatic version) have been manually annotated.

Each representation has been POS-tagged and lemmatized (Treetagger & rfTagger). rfTagger morphological annotation has been integrated as well.

On this basis, tags indicating differences between the learner text and its POS and lemma annotations and the respective target hypotheses (POS & lemma) have been added.

The corpus is freely available under the following link:

The annotation guidelines can be found here:

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