September 28, 2012

Online Course: Japan and the World: Historical and Cultural Developments


Japan and the World: Historical and Cultural Developments (5th Century - Present)
Ten-Week Online Course
Course Dates: October 31, 2012 – January 9, 2013

Description: Explore Japan through its history, arts, and literature. With an emphasis on Japan post-1853, this eight-session online course integrates an overview of Japanese history and culture with extensive consideration of the best pedagogical approaches to translate such learning into effective teaching. We will examine rich primary and secondary sources that explore Japan's geographic features, belief systems, feudal and contemporary government systems, artistic traditions, and the ways in which Japan has interacted with the world. Drawing on course content and innovative Web 2.0 tools, participants will also construct curricular materials for use in their own classrooms.

This course will be offered completely online and will require a basic comfort level and interest in the use of computer technology as a medium for learning.

Open to all K-12 educators.

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