July 7, 2013

Call for Article Submissions and Books for Review: Journal of Lao Studies

The Journal of Lao Studies is now accepting submissions of articles, book review suggestions, review articles (extended reviews of major publications, trends in the field, or of political, social, or economic events) for the winter issue. These submissions can cover studies on Laos (all ethnic groups), Lao residing in bordering countries (Northeast Thailand, Northeast Cambodia, Vietnam, China, and Burma), ethnic groups bordering Laos with a representation in Laos (e.g. Akha, Mien, Khmu, Hmong, Tai Lue, etc.), or studies in regards to Lao diaspora outside of Asia (the Americas, Australia, France, Argentina, etc.).

Language: Lao and English are the main languages, other languages are welcomed. Please check with the editors first before submitting articles in other languages not listed here.

Address all editorial correspondence and submissions to Dr. Justin McDaniel at:
info at laojournal dot org

Deadline for submission to the winter issue is August 1, 2013.

Learn more about the journal at https://www.laostudies.org/journal ; scroll down for submission policies.

Journal of Lao Studies call for submissions. Center for Lao Studies, (laolanxang@laostudies.org, 5 Jul 2013).

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