July 21, 2013

Two Upcoming Online Courses from TESOL for English Teachers

TESOL has two online courses to help develop the metalinguistic competence--and confidence--necessary to discuss grammar in the classroom.

Grammar 1: Phrasal Structures
29 July – 25 August 2013

Learn how to define the basic grammatical terms, identify grammatical structures within sentence, explain the structure of noun phrases, the structure of verb phrases, and the functions of the English verb tenses, incorporate communicative practice into your teaching plans, and write teaching plans for grammar points. Registration closes 21 July.

Read more at http://www.tesol.org/attend-and-learn/online-courses-seminars/grammar-1-phrasal-structures

Grammar 2: Multiclause Structures
29 July – 25 August 2013

Explore grammar principles like active and passive voice, participial phrases, subjunctive mood, conditional clauses, and more! Identify the structures most likely to be difficult for your students to master, and write teaching plans for complex grammatical structures. Registration closes 21 July.

Read more at http://www.tesol.org/attend-and-learn/online-courses-seminars/grammar-2-multiclause-structures

For more information regarding any of the programming lists above, email edprograms at tesol dot org. Please put the course title in the subject line.

Moran, M. Educational Opportunities: TESOL Course Information. NCELA listserv (NCELA@HERMES.GWU.EDU, 16 Jul 2013).

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