July 28, 2013

Chinese Flagship Program Coordinator/Confucius Classroom Coordinator at Portland Public Schools


Chinese Flagship Program Coordination: Working with principals, teachers and other key staff in the K-12 Chinese Flagship Program, facilitate communications within the program and with collaborating partners at the UO Chinese Flagship, document and disseminate grant project successes and challenges to partners and the greater K-12 Chinese immersion field, and support planning and implementation of grant project activities. Furthermore, this project specialist will play a major role in organizing and supporting the planning and implementing of a new Mandarin dual language immersion program slated to open in Fall 2014.

Confucius Classroom Coordination: Working with principals and classroom teachers at all eleven PPS Confucius Classroom (CC) sites to develop plans and support volunteer teachers and site specific activities. Plan and implement all site collaborative Confucius Classroom activities. Assist schools in identifying extension activities for volunteer teachers in the community.

Key Responsibilities:
1. Facilitate communications with partners, parents, other programs visitor delegations, and community agencies.
2. Document and disseminate grant project successes and challenges including tracking of program data.
3. Coordinate and lead tours of Mandarin immersion program.
4. Prepare reports for grant projects.
5. Support principals, teachers and specialists with curriculum, professional and program development projects and activities.
6. Plan and implement all site collaborative Confucius Classroom activities.
7. Identify host families for CC interns and provide communication and support to host families.
8. Provide guidance and support for CC visiting and volunteer teachers.
9. Coordinate orientation and professional development for CC visiting and volunteer teachers.
10. Coordinate program administrative tasks such as curriculum orders, travel logistics, insurance policies, etc.
11. Organize and support new Mandarin immersion program planning and implementation efforts.
12. Perform other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:
1. Minimum of BA or BS
2. Organizing and implementing projects
3. Worked with professionals in K-12 education
4. Experience developing communications
5. Extensive experience working cross-culturally and linguistically with Chinese of differing dialects
7. Advanced to Superior level of fluency in Mandarin Chinese in all four skill areas
8. Advanced level fluency in Cantonese and/or Taishanese
9. Web 2.0 technology skills
10. Highly proficient communication and analysis skills

Preferred Qualifications:
-Advanced studies in Chinese language and culture
-Experience writing and implementing grant projects.


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