July 21, 2013

Position Paper: The Advanced Speaker: An Overview of the Issues in Heritage Language Teaching

From http://nhlrc.ucla.edu

Here is a new position paper from the National Heritage Language Resource Center.

“The purpose of this position paper is to further our understanding of the linguistic needs
of heritage language learners (HLLs) who desire to reach advanced level proficiency. These students are represented in most Flagship programs and may present a challenge because of their linguistic range and the differences between them and L2 learners. Assessment and administrative and pedagogical challenges associated with this population will also be explored.

“…This position paper, while also touching on linguistic elements, will begin to take us in the direction of pedagogy associated with the teaching of HLLs, in which this incomplete system is addressed in a classroom setting.”

Read the position paper at http://nhlrc.ucla.edu/pdf/CarreiraPositionPaperFinal.pdf

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