July 28, 2013

New Anthology: Twenty-first Century Russian Poetry

From http://www.bigbridge.org/BB17/index.html

This anthology celebrates the Russian translator along with the Russian poet. All the work herein is translated from the Russian originals, with a few exceptions for "English-as-a-Second-Language" poems from noted bilinguals Philip Nikolayev (who provided many of the translations in this volume), Katia Kapovich, Irina Mashinski, and Andrey Gritsman (who also provided translations); there is also one English-language poem from Alexandr Skidan. Except where noted, all of this work is seen in English for the first time.

Access the online anthology at http://bigbridge.org/BB17/poetry/twentyfirstcenturyrussianpoetry/twenty-first-century-russian-poetry-contents.html

Read a review of this resource at http://rbth.ru/arts/2013/07/23/fifty_russian_poets_unveiled_in_online_anthology_28317.html

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