April 7, 2013

Study Center Vasily Grossman Website: New Version

From the SEELANGS listserv:

The Study Center Vasily Grossman is delighted to present the new version of its website http://www.grossmanweb.eu.

In these years the Study Center has grown a lot: it has organised seminars and lectures in Italy and across the world, successfully spreading the knowledge of the author.

The exhibition dedicated to Grossman, realised on the occasion of the 200th anniversary oh his birth, has travelled throughout the world (Argentina, United States, England, Israel, Russia; in 2013 it will be in France, Luxembourg and Germany).

Moreover, today the Study Center is able to present the first fruits of its research activity, with the foundation of the first "documentation center" in the world dedicated to Vasily Grossman.

The new website (still on http://www.grossmanweb.eu) wants to be an answer to the needs arisen in these years, and also to open itself to the future, starting with the great Muscovite congress of 2014 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Grossman's death.

On this website the various sections will be available in three languages (Italian and English already available; soon to be available in Russian).

Especially updated are the section on the biographical information on Vasily Grossman and the one on the history of his work, the list of all published works and the secondary bibliography. In the section dedicated to the "activities of the center" you will find all the news about the exhibition, the places it has been brought to and the modalities to organise a new display.

The "Grossman online" section is completely new, and will gradually be enriched with all the material on Grossman available online: articles, addresses, interviews, photographs and images, films, videos, etc. Every scholar or fan is invited to contribute to it.

In the Home page, a particular space is dedicated to the news; it will be periodically updated with news about everything that is happening in the world in relation to Vasily Grossman. It is also possible to subscribe to the Study Center mailing list.

Visit the revised website at http://grossmanweb.eu

Chandler, R. [SEELANGS] Fwd: The new site / Il nuovo sito "www.grossmanweb.eu". SEELANGS listserv (SEELANGS@LISTSERV.UA.EDU, 5 Apr 2013).

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