April 7, 2013

Northwest Indian Language Institute 2013

From http://pages.uoregon.edu/nwili/summer-institute

NILI Summer Institute 2013
Learning by Doing
June 17-28, 2013
This year’s focus on Learning by Doing will explore how you can take a culturally significant activity - gathering roots, carving, weaving, skinning an animal – or everyday activity - making a peanut butter sandwich or cleaning the house - and use it to teach your language.

Week 3 Teaching Practicum
June 28-July 2, 2013
For those participants wishing additional time to work on learning by doing lessons and units and to practice teaching them, the Summer Institute is offering an extended week of structured teaching practice. During this time participants will use the lesson plans and materials they have created to teach fellow participants on a daily basis. As a group, language teachers will provide support and feedback to each other about their teaching. Time will be available to make any additional materials needed for teaching.

Learn more about NILI and view the class offerings at http://pages.uoregon.edu/nwili/summer-institute

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