January 11, 2013

SCENARIO: Journal Drama and Theatre in Second and Foreign Language Education Available Online

From http://publish.ucc.ie/scenario/current

The 12th issue of SCENARIO, the bilingual online journal of Drama and Theatre in Second and Foreign Language Education, is now available online.

Most of the articles are based on conference papers for Plot me no Plots: Theatre in University Language Teaching that took place at the University of Padua October 14-15, 2011. The issue includes the following contributions as well as a review and a conference report:

. Nicoletta Marini-Maio, "Theatrical Plots in a Spectacular Setting"
. Fiona Dalziel & Andrea Pennacchi, "Looking for Henry: Improvisation and Storytelling in Foreign Language Theatre"
. Filippo Fonio, "Stuffed Pants! Staging Full-Scale Comic Plays with Students of Italian as a Foreign Language"
. Erika Piazzoli, "Engage or Entertain? The Nature of Teacher/Participant Collaboration in Process Drama for Additional Language Teaching"
. Lorna Carson, "The Role of Drama in Task-Based Learning: Agency, Identity and Autonomy"
. Ivan Lombardi, "From the Curtain to the Façade: Enhancing ESL/EFL Learners' Communicative Competence through an Interactive Digital Drama"
. María Isabel Fernández García, Mercedes Ariza, Claudio Bendazzoli, Maria Giovanna Biscu & Yvonne Grimaldi, "The Effective Action of Theatre in the Educational Mapping of Linguistic and Intercultural Mediators"
. Gabriella Caponi-Doherty, review of "Dramatic Interactions: Teaching Languages, Literatures and Cultures through Theater-Theoretical Approaches and Classroom Practices," edited by Colleen Ryan and Nicoletta Marini-Maio
. Micha Fleiner, conference report, "Drama als Methode: Theaterorientierte Unterrichtsformen in Schule und Universität."

Access the latest issue at http://publish.ucc.ie/scenario/current

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