January 26, 2013

Short Films for German Classrooms

From http://www.goethe.de/ins/us/bos/prj/kgs/enindex.htm

The film didactics project Kurz & Gut macht Schule began in 2005 with a series of 9 film shorts and continued with an additional 11 animation shorts in 2012. This short film collection has found friends around the world. Teachers can use the films as the varied basis for German studies. They offer subjects for precise viewing and film analysis, the opportunity for talk and discussion, and focus for the beginning or end of larger themes in cultural studies or conversation practice! The final selection of films was made by a jury of high school and college students.

The DVD Short & Sweet Goes to School I: Short Feature Films is available for lending from many Goethe-Institut libraries, Goethe reading rooms, and Goethe centers.
The DVD Short & Sweet Goes to School II: Animated Shortfilms will be available for lending in February 2013.

Furthermore, the DVDs may be purchased for educational use (not for public viewing) at various Goethe-Instituts for a nominal fee plus shipping expenses by educational institutions, teachers and lecturers.

For more information, to learn about the films in the collection, and for supporting materials, go to http://www.goethe.de/ins/us/bos/prj/kgs/enindex.htm

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