January 19, 2013

MLA Commons: Online Social Media Platform for MLA Members

From http://chronicle.com/blogs/wiredcampus/a-virtual-meeting-ground-for-language-and-literature-scholars/41595

MLA Commons is a new social-media platform open to any members of the Modern Language Association. From an article about this new platform:

“Users can upload information and links about themselves and their work, add fellow members to their list of contacts, create blog entries, and trade public or private messages. They can join or create groups devoted to different topics, including the digital humanities, so-called alternative-academic (or alt-ac) careers, ‘interdisciplinary approaches to culture and society,’ media and literature, and community-focused ‘service learning.’”

Read more about this new platform at http://chronicle.com/blogs/wiredcampus/a-virtual-meeting-ground-for-language-and-literature-scholars/41595

Get started at http://commons.mla.org/docs/getting-started

The main page of MLA Commons is available at http://commons.mla.org

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