January 29, 2013

Iowa World Language Association Grants and Awards

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Have you worked with a language teacher who you were inspired by? Have you attended an IWLA conference session by someone that amazed you? Do you have a go-to person when you have a language question? Has someone directed you to someone to help you with a new idea, research-based concept, or cutting-edge approach? Want to pay this person a sign of appreciation?

Nominate an inspirational, knowledgeable, leading educator for the Teacher of the Year, Teacher of Promise, or the Distinguished Educator Award! Nomination materials can be found by mousing over on the Awards tab on the left side of the IWLA website and scrolling to the award you’re interested in nominating someone for: http://www.iwla.net

Nominations are due April 30, but don’t delay.

Have a unique idea for your classroom? IWLA also awards grants for innovation in the classroom. Check out the requirements and application materials here: http://www.iwla.net/Default.aspx?pageId=914538

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