January 11, 2013

New York State Bilingual Common Core Initiative

From http://engageny.org/resource/new-york-state-bilingual-common-core-initiative

Beginning in Spring 2012, NYSED launched the Bilingual Common Core Initiative to develop new English as a Second Language and Native Language Arts Standards aligned to the Common Core. As a result of this process, NYSED is developing New Language Arts Progressions (NLAP) and Home Language Arts Progressions (HLAP) for every NYS Common Core Learning Standard in every grade.

View documents related to this initiative and be a part of the public comment process at http://engageny.org/resource/new-york-state-bilingual-common-core-initiative
Read a related blog post about this initiative at http://blog.colorincolorado.org/2013/01/07/ny-states-sample-language-progressions

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